Short and Simple

Acted as Group Leader assigning tasks to colleague Jan Ona

Client was a Heart Surgeon seeking to create an application for recovering patients

Converted clients 100 page book into a simple easy to use application with status evaluations, exercises videos and progress tracking

Lengthy Explanation

The Team

The initial team assigned to this project included me, Jan Ona, and a third person whom I will not name but was assigned as our group leader. Initially all was fine with him, until he decided to drop the course leaving the leadership role to me.

The Client

The client was introduced to us by our Project Management Course instructor. Initially the project started out in a tenuous state with the client unsure on whether or not he would be open to committing to continuing with the project. The client was a Heart Surgeon whom was seeking a way to invigorate his clients during post-surgery recovery. He had a quite lengthy book(about 200 pages) he prescribed to his patients to help them in this endeavour, but sought a way to make it more interactive and engaging so the patients would keep on track with their recovery.

The Application

The bulk of our clients book outlined methods to relax and relieve stress after an surgery with the clients special* exercises.

  • I can't go into details due to the secrecy of the exercises so I'll leave it at that

For these exercises, the user was assigned a Typing to denote their progress, some people scored high, and some scored low. Evidently when I was tested I scored severely low while my partner was scored somewhere in the middle but I digress. Depending on this score the user was assigned to do different exercises daily, and occasionally to be retested to see if their score had improved.

The application we pitched for the client was an Android 4.03 project compatible with devices from 3.5inches to 8 inches; the reasoning behind 4.03 was down to APIs we wanted to use with the application and at that point in time adoption rate for devices compatible with 4.03 APIs was at approximately 60%. The way the application would work is that on launch it would ask the user to complete a series of questions to figure out the users type and then lead them over to do several exercises depending on their type.

Early Footage requested by client during planning phases

For this application me and my colleague split the work into 2 portions; he would take care of the general UI and creating test portions to ascertain the users "type". I was tasked with implementing a general "exercise" framework for the various exercises the user would be tasked to do, as well as setting up the database for which the data would be saved. This involved tracking the users progress through the exercises.

The Testing portion was generally quite static so my colleague mostly hard coded the questions into its own activity within the application.

For my portions the Client seemed to be unsure of how much of the application he would want to include in the application. This served to be quite an annoyance. One day there would be 34 exercises in total, others that number would balloon to 50 exercises. This was not something that would be easily hardcoded.

I decided to setup a bunch of shells for the clients exercises to inhabit. The exercises were generally all the same. The exercise would include Audio and Video instructions in which the user would have complete by listening/watching and following along, accompanied by text instructions. I converted all the exercises down to json files in which the shells would read upon opening the exercise activity, which in turn would populate the activity. Tracking was done via unique id's attached to each exercise, and then fed into the database for tracking.